Crossover Culture Fortune LP Performance Review


Noor here checking back in, this time it’s the follow up on the Fortune LP first impressions. I have tested this shoe thoroughly and put them through a lot, now lets see what I learned about these bad boys.




The color way I received featured the semi translucent rubber outsole; the pattern of the sole itself is herringbone in the forefoot and a multidirectional blade traction pattern featured on the heel. Traction was solid on this model, the only thing really holding them back I feel is that there is a decently sized Crossover Culture logo on the forefoot area of the traction. At first I was slipping pretty bad due to the logo, of course I kept at it and as the traction broke in, the logo was less of an issue. The pattern gripped the indoor 24 hour fitness courts that I played in well, the bite wasn’t super aggressive, but I wasn’t slipping in these either. Dust shouldn’t be too much of a concern, although I would wipe after every couple plays. I would give traction a 7.5/10, easily could be a 9/10 if the logo was smaller and there was traction covering the area instead.





Crossover Culture is debuting their cushioning system, simply called, “LP Cushion,” and as mentioned in my first impressions article, these are supposed to last from “Day 1 to Day 101.” Well I ain’t exactly on day 101, but man this cushion was firm, responsive, and doesn’t seem to be bottoming out, which gives credibility to the company’s claim of long lasting cushion. This cushion does provide a good amount of court feel with an adequate amount of impact protection. I was pleasantly surprised with this blend of foams that Crossover Culture was able to come up with; this cushion has honestly one of my favorite ones to play in recently. Aside from the LP cushion, the Fortune LP has an amazing removable insole that has an extra thicker area of foam in the heel. This feature provides some impact protection, but mainly enhances the step in comfort and sets the Fortune LP apart from the rest.





Let me just start this off by saying I love a good knit upper and man did Crossover Culture kill it with this upper. This knit reinforced knit upper feels amazing and truly creates an amazing one to one fit with your foot. The fuse that is one the toe and side panel help add more structure to the shoe (more on that in the fir/support section). These materials feel amazing on foot, no complains here. Materials for me, 10/10, no brainer, some of the best materials I have worn in a while. Comfort, durability, and they look amazing on foot.







The amazing fit of the shoe is due to not only the knit material, but also the internal booty that is utilized in the shoe. The internal booty system that is built into the shoe really makes sure that the shoe really is on your foot and stays there. My foot really felt locked into this shoe and rarely moved around. Quick Disclaimer: Wide footers should go half a size up, this fit truly is amazing but wide footers for sure will experience some discomfort, as I did and I have a narrow foot. As far as support, the wishbone suspension provides amazing support and works in tandem with the LP cushion to make sure that you aren’t unstable due to the cushion not being contained well. I did feel a little unstable at times, but for the most part the wishbone suspension did a god job at providing support. Fit:10/10, Support: 8.5/10


Til Next Time

Thanks for tuning into my first review; this is only a glimpse of what is to come. Summer is coming, the site is growing and the crew and I are grinding to provide you folks with good content. Stay tuned, we got more articles in the coming days.









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