A First Look at the PUMA Legacy Basketball Shoe

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DeMarcus Cousins, A.K.A. snake, ring chaser, sore loser, techinical foul-getter, has debuted the all-new PUMA Legacy basketball shoe, and this is your first look.

All jokes aside, Boogie Cousins is a generational talent. While some may believe he is a sore loser for going ring chasing with the Golden State Warriors after the Pelicans offered him a two year, forty million dollar contract, you still must appreciate his generational talent on the hardwood. An achilles tear plagued arguably the best center in the NBA through out the majority of the 2017-18 NBA Season. The injury that shut down Kobe Bryant for a full season is nothing to joke about. Personally, the route Boogie took to get a ring is blatant, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating his greatness when he is fully healthy on the court.

The PUMA Legacy has made its first official appearance on the NBA Finals hardwood, so lets take a look and see what these are all about. Official tech specifications remain unknown, but it’s likely we will be receiving PUMA’s high use of their IGNITE foam set-up with these, potentially mixed with their NRGY bead system, which was a pretty big disappointment for the amount of advertising, promotion, and hype they generated when they first introduce the Clyde Court Disrupt, and Uproar.

Some aspects from its predecessor model, the Uproar, appear to be intact here. A mix of synthetics and a mid-cut build is evident, with what appears to be some form of a mid-foot strap, or shroud is evident. Hopefully retail isn’t anything over $120 as these are not anything to boast about, especially with that outdated 2010’s synthetic build.

No word on a confirmed release date quite yet, but keep it locked here for updates, as you’ll likely see it here first at the site. Be sure to share your thoughts on these in the comments below, and let us know if you think these will excel on the hardwood.


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