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What’s up One on One Nation, Noor back at it with the second ‘Hoops Analysis,’ an in depth look into the sneakers I hoop in. This time I’m going to be analyzing a favorite older shoe of mine, the adidas Crazy Explosive 2016. Probably one of my favorite and most fun shoes to play in. Let’s jump into what makes this shoe great and what needs some work.

adidas Crazy Explosive | Hoops Analysis

bottom crazy explosive

Starting off with the bottom portion of the sneaker, we have one of my favorite features of the shoe, a full length Boost midsole that is covered on the lateral side by a TPU rubber cage. This midsole was super fun to play in and was definitely a different experience than some of the other models that have Boost in them.

The TPU cage really makes sure that you’re given a stable ride with the Boost midsole by not letting the foam expand too much upon hard landings, which creates instability. All I can really say is that this setup was a treat to play in, the only downside is that I did feel as if the Boost did bottom out a little bit, but these are still good to go regardless. The TPU in the front section protrudes out slightly and created a lateral outrigger, which really adds to the overall performance of the shoe and is always an appreciated feature of mine.

crazy explosive.jpg

Moving on to the traction of the shoe, this pattern worked wonders indoors, and I really do emphasize the fact that you got to stay indoors or else you can say bye to that traction pattern earlier than expected. This ‘Corral Reef’ pattern did work amazingly in the indoor 24 court that I played on for the testing of this shoe. Even though I kept these to indoor only, I did experience some fraying on the tread pattern. The bite that this pattern offers is quite aggressive and I rarely had to wipe, although wiping is still necessary when dust accumulates in the grooves of the traction. Overall, I had an awesome experience with the traction, the only thing to keep in mind is to not take these outdoors, given the fact that they fray in indoor courts.

top crazy explosive

We’ve got the bottom portion of this shoe out of the way, now time to move on to the dope features that the top has to offer. Starting right off with a soft neoprene upper with fuse overlays to provide durability and support for your foot. This upper was really soft, a lot softer than any other models that I can think of off the top of my head. Given how soft the material is, the shoe provides a nice one to one fit and provides a custom like fit for your foot. The only issue with this material is that it does get a little softer as they break in and can end up feeling a little sloppy on foot. Aside from that, the upper worked nice and surprisingly held up nice.

Even with the fuse overlays, I really did not expect the upper to hold up the way it did, no tears or fraying, this upper is built to last unlike the traction pattern. The fit and lock down of the shoe is enhanced by adidas’ Geofit collar, which really provides good lock down and really made the shoe fit nicely along the heel portion. The lacing system found on the Crazy Explosive is similar in style to that of a hiking boot, with cables attached at the eyelets that serve the same purpose as Nike’s Flywire. Finishing up with the upper, the tongue of this sneaker is half way between a normal tongue and a booty construction, which really made this shoe a beast in the fit department.

Wrap Up on the Crazy Explosive

adidas really killed it with this model and should definitely have kept this series going, instead of ending it with the 2017 Crazy Explosive. This shoe was a solid performer with it’s only weakness really being the lack of durability provided by the rubber compound that was featured on the traction. I really didn’t know what to expect when I first got these , just by looking at them I knew that I was in for a ride with this pair.

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