adidas Harden Vol. 2 First Impressions


What’s up One on One nation, Noor here back at it again with another model that I’m hyped to test out, the Adidas Harden Vol. 2. What better timing after the Beard himself won the MVP award for the 2018 season? Let’s see what these kicks are made of and what I can expect from them.

To start things off, the Harden Vol. 2 features one of my favorite cushions, Boost, this time around it’s pretty dang thick. Excited to see how this cushion will play, I hope courtfeel isn’t affected too much by how thick the Boost is. The saving grace is that the Boost is thinner in the forefoot and a lot thicker as it approaches the heel section of the shoe. Boost is always fun for me to play in, especially with my knee injuries and surgery, these are a treat for my feet and joints. The Boost is caged on the lateral side of the forefoot, like the last Harden model, which should provide stability to the cushion.

The fit on Adidas models can be a little tricky for some, for the Harden Vol. 2 I ended up going true to size and from the initial wears it feels just fine. The internal booty construction really does offer a nice one to one fit and unlike some other internal booty constructions, isn’t hard to get on your foot.

Traction is a web like pattern, which I’ve been hearing mixed reviews of, some say this traction was underwhelming, while others say it’s a great traction and that the traction is dependent on what color the outsole is. I see no reason why this traction can’t at the very least be decent, looks to be a pretty good pattern and the rubber compound seems solid. But of course traction can be really tricky, with some tractions looking promising but underperforming and vice versa.

Materials on the Harden Vol. 2 is a mixture, the toe is made up of what Adidas is calling their forge-fiber upper, which is basically heat pressed TPU coated fibers that are stitched in. As we move on to the back, we get a customizable lacing system, similar to that of the Dame 3, I honestly didn’t mess around with the customizable lacing and left it as is, so far so good.

That wraps up the first new impressions on the Harden Vol. 2. Literally wrote this article before hooping in them for the first time, super excited to be playing in Boost again. Be on the lookout for the full performance review coming soon here at One on One Testers.


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