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Been testing these shoes for a while now, it’s finally time to see what these are about. Been having fun in these, summer time hoop sessions have been treating me good, but do these sneakers have my back for those hoop sessions? Let’s jump into this review and find out.


44023B5A-895B-47E9-9731-97F6EFDC5BD2Traction was definitely something that you have to stick with and be patient with. Initially, I was slipping around more often than not, I started to feel like traction was going to unfortunately be the weak point of the shoe, but of course I stuck with it. As these broke in, traction significantly improved, to the point where these were biting pretty hard and I felt confident in the traction. The difference was night and day, traction for me was amazing, I remember I would always try and test out the traction in different ways to ensure that these were solid, lo and behold the Harden Vol. 2 has awesome traction when broken in, people just need to have patience and really break them in, just be careful so you won’t slip out when breaking them in. The bite became really aggressive for me and I felt like traction is definitely a strong point of the shoe when broken in.

⊕  SCORE – 8.5/10  ⊕



Materials on the Harden Vol. 2 were one of the shoe’s strongest points, this mesh upper was really fun to play in and broke in fairly quickly. The mesh used on the upper of the Harden Vol. 2 softened up quite a bit and I thoroughly enjoyed this soft mesh. The upper was good to go straight out of the box and seems like it will last, due to the TPU strands in the upper, which also provide good structure to the upper. These materials weren’t anything super special, but they exceled at how they felt and performed. The side cage also felt like it did add some stability to the upper and I really did not notice it at all if we’re being honest.

⊕  SCORE – 9/10  ⊕


3520BCD5-412D-4C98-AF88-4562C5973CFEFull length Boost!!! Need I say more? Seriously though, Boost automatically makes me satisfied with the cushioning department. The Boost starts off thick in the heel and thins out as it reaches towards the toe area. Court feel wasn’t super amazing on these, but honestly I don’t care too much about court feel. This cushion setup made me feel like I could keep going all day long, I rarely had any sore joints or small, nagging pains when playing in these. Of course with Boost you aren’t going to get a super responsive cushion set up, but I personally prefer impact protection over responsive due to my past injuries. Full length Boost is and always will be one of my favorite cushion set ups to play in.

⊕  SCORE – 10/10  ⊕


073A2563-43A0-454A-8665-5075152A2476Fit was kind of tricky in the Harden Vol. 2, I went true to size and I felt like my heel was slipping sometimes, which is a lockdown issue. I have heard that some people went half a size down in order for there to be no heel slippage and from what I am hearing, it seemed to have worked. However, my experience is that my heel did not feel secure in these and I really did want the shoe to excel in this category. Everything else with the fit and support is awesome, there wasn’t really any dead space in the toe and the materials provided an amazing fit, but this was all ruined because the heel containment wasn’t good at all. Lacing them up tighter does help, but it is not a permanent solution. I did notice that my heel was slipping out during the initial hoop sessions when testing these, but as I wore them more I experienced this less, but my heel did feel unsecure nonetheless. My best advice is that you should try these on in store, because not everyone will be able to simply just go a half size down, some people’s feet might experience discomfort by doing so. Due to the less than adequate heel lockdown, the overall support of the shoe suffered.

⊕  SCORE – 7/10  ⊕

Overall Thoughts

The Harden Vol. 2 is an awesome shoe that you can just slip on and hoop in. The materials are nice and soft, the cushioning features my favorite set up, and the traction broke in nicely and provided me with some good stops. Unfortunately the heel lockdown isn’t great, but can possibly be fixed by going half a size down. The Harden Vol. 2 is one of my favorite summer hoop shoes, I’ve had so many good hoop sessions in these and these are for sure in the rotation. Thanks for checking out my review guys, stay tuned to One on One Testers guys, we got you covered with more sneaker news and reviews!!

⊕  FINAL SCORE – 8.6/10  ⊕

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