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The #1 pick in my top performance kicks of 2018 and also Nick’s number #1. I was super hyped about this shoe, wasn’t a fan when it first leaked, but they grew on me and the colorway I got really is my favorite Vol. 3 colorway. Let’s take a dive and see why the adidas Harden Vol. 3 earned a #1 spot in my top performers of 2018. Check out the adidas Harden Vol. 3 Hoops Analysis.







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The Harden Vol. 3 uses a low profile Boost mid-sole that is slightly caged on the lateral side, this is the least amount of caging on a Harden shoe. The slight amount of caging really let me feel the Boost in it’s entirety, it was able to fully expand and do it’s thing. This is definitely my favorite cushion set up I have used, it’s fairly responsive and since it is thin, the court feel was awesome also.

The impact protection was also something this mid-sole did really well, as many as you know I’ve had knee surgery and need shoes that offer good impact protection so that I can play as hard as I want. While testing the Harden Vol. 3, I felt super confident in my ability to go all out and my knees never ached after any of my hoop sessions. The Boost setup in the Harden Vol. 3 was for sure my favorite cushioning set up of 2018 and is another reason why these kicks earned a #1 spot in my top performers list.

The herringbone tread pattern was another strong aspect of Harden’s third shoe, these gripped on any floor regardless of the floor condition and required minimal break in time. Dust was hardly an issue and I was surprised about how I rarely would have to wipe on these, of course dust would occasionally get stuck but a wipe here and there fixed it all and I was back to getting solid traction that bit the floor nice and made me feel confident.

There is also a slight lateral outrigger that does have the traction pattern on it, this provided amazing lateral support and really sealed the deal on the outsole performing as amazing as it did. The outsole is super grippy on the Harden Vol. 3 and provides amazing support for your foot so you can go any direction you want and be secured.








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The upper of the Harden Vol. 3 was killer, the material used really aren’t anything special, but the way they fit my foot and contained it really made it another solid feature of the shoe. The materials definitely aren’t as stellar as the mid-sole or outsole, but that by no means that they were horrible. In fact, the woven/textile they used formed to my foot quite nice and held up the entirety of the time I was testing them. The medial side of the toe features a mud-guard, which helps to prevent against wear and tear on this area where many players tend to toe drag.

These materials alongside the nice shape of the shoe created a really nice fit and is the best fitting Harden shoe to date. The pronounced achilles heel portion of the shoe really does provide good lock-down, the only problem was the material that they used for the lining, which made me experience slight heel slippage. It seems as if the Harden line has issues with heel containment, bu the Vol. 3 has minimal heel slippage and tightening up the laces improves the lock-down a great deal.

The Materials and overall fit that the upper provided were both solid aspects of this shoe. Even though these features weren’t anything groundbreaking, they still got the job done very well and the only issue I really experienced was some minor heel slippage.






The Wrap Up



The adidas Harden Vol. 3 earned it’s #1 spot in my top performers of 2018 for a reason. These kicks really can do it all and do it well, rarely any areas are lacking, save the very minor heel slippage issue. Traction, cushion, fit, and materials all did their job and these truly earned their sport in my rotation. You can get some colorways on sale at, so act fast, these really are worth it!

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