adidas Officially Unveils the D.O.N. Issue #1

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My pick for last year’s Rookie of the Year award is finally getting his own signature shoe. adidas has officially unveiled the adidas D.O.N. Issue #1, Donovan Mitchell’s first signature shoe with adidas Hoops.

The name itself is awesome; I love how adidas calls different signature lines by different names; the Harden Vol. (volume) and now the Issue #1 (a nod to Donovan’s love for Spider Man comics). Let’s take a look at this first issue of Mitchell’s signature shoe line expected to release 2019.

New signature line means new signature logo and as you can expect from adidas, they gave Mitchell a dope spider logo. Aside from the logo, this initial colorway is a dope nod to Spider Man; that red, white, and blue combo is killer. The upper of the shoe seems to be a mesh with cables attaching to the laces.

The midsole is rumored to use Bounce cushioning, which comes as no surprise since this is his first shoe and adidas would like to keep the cost down. Not much else is known regarding tech specs, but expect us to drop them when we get them. Thanks for tuning in guys, have a Happy New Year and let’s kill it in 2019.























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