Anta KT A-Shock 2 Has Released

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A new Klay Thompson shoe has released online, this time around it’s his outdoor A Shock 2 shoe which features what Anta is calling their “Shock Fiber” upper that is blended with TPU yarn which ensures a strong and durable upper. To add to that already strong upper, the toe cap has KPU special material, which makes the toecap firmer and enhances durability on an already durable upper.

Images: @street8oy


Moving onto the midsole, the KT A-Shock 2 features a combination of EVA cushioning with an A-Shock stabilizer, providing responsive cushioning. There is also TPU reinforcement to ensure that you are supported and aren’t having unnecessary ankle movements occur.

To wrap it all up, the traction is a wave like pattern and as you can guess, will be good to go for outdoor play. You can buy the Anta Klay Thompson A-Shock 2 at for $93.99.

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