Behind The Design Process Of The New Balance OMN1S

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Kawhi Leonard’s first signature shoe, the New Balance OMN1S, will finally make its first official retail debut this month. Now, we have a look at the design process of how the OMN1S were made. Let’s dive right in.

Producing a shoe all begins with a simple sketch. Not just one sketch, but multiple different sketches. Ideation, creativity, and countless hours of sketching and designing. Shown below you can see the various ideation sketching, rendering, and different mock-ups/samples created of the New Balance OMN1S, before they were put into production.

Moreover, the wear-testing and production part of creating a shoe quite possibly may be the hardest part of creating the shoe. As shown, you can see New Balance created different ideations of the OMN1S, likely done for wear testing. Different molds, chassis, and features were tested for the OMN1S.

Let us know what you think of the New Balance OMN1S in the comments below. Keep it locked here as new colorways of the shoes surface, and check out Kawhi’s newest OMN1S PE’s here.

h/t: New Balance.

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