Brand Black Rare Metal: First Impressions


As promised, here’s the first impressions on the Rare Metal by Brand Black. This is the second shoe by boy Nick (MTMHoops) sent me. This is also my first shoe from this brand and I am super hyped to be testing a shoe I am very unfamiliar with.

These shoes have an awesome upper, I love jacquard and Brand Black seems to have made a solid jacquard upper, that print on the upper is a nice touch to it. The upper is stiff after having worn them a couple of times, hope the materials get a little softer as I continue to test these.

The cushioning is something I am really looking forward to trying, Brand Black is using their Jetlon EVL foam and it really does feel nice at first, we’ll have to see how the cushioning can hold up though, I have had plenty of cushions bottom out on me quick.

Traction is a simple “blade” pattern and I have honestly heard mixed reviews about the traction in this shoe. We’re just going to have to wait and see, but I have a slight suspicion that dust might be a problem or that the outsole won’t bite as hard as I would want it to. The Rare Metal also feature an outrigger, which is something that has become somewhat of a “must have” for me on sneakers.

Going to be hitting the gym with these a lot, so expect a performance review soon. Also the crew is getting some kicks in from a couple brands so expect some articles on those.


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