Crossover Culture Crafted Drip Review


I was definitely excited about this review, it’s something different, it’s not a performance review really, these are casual shoes and are not meant to be used on court. With that said, I was super hyped to try out a casual shoe from a new brand, let’s see what these guys did for me.



Just cause it ain’t a performance review, doesn’t mean I’m going to treat it differently, always gotta start with  traction, it’s for sure important on and off the court. The Crafted Drip features a simple blade pattern with cut out flex grooves to ensure that the shoe is moving with your foot. Of course you really don’t need to go over the top with traction on a casual shoe , but I feel like Crossover Culture really did a good job here. The traction pattern is deep and seems like it will last a long time. Wouldn’t be surprised if this traction worked on the courts as well, it’s a pretty aggressive pattern and will handle anything you throw at it. I really enjoyed the overall quality of this outsole, from an aesthetics standpoint as well, especially how the traction pattern comes up and is basically the whole outsole.



Couldn’t wait to write about the materials on this shoe, the stretchy knit really felt amazing on foot. The knit stretched and shaped to my foot, creating a really amazing and unique fit, other than that these materials feel really light on foot and also provide good breathability as well, making this a shoe I could wear around all day. The only drawback is that there is some fraying on the knit on the toecap area, hopefully it’s just some initial fraying and won’t get any worse, only time will tell. I have worn them a couple times after noticing the fraying and it hasn’t gotten worse. Aside from fraying, these materials are my favorite for the comfort and awesome fit they provide.



Crossover Culture is using a CMEVA foam for the cushioning, this cushion setup isn’t anything to rave about, but it did get the job done. I found myself walking around a lot in these, went hanging out and running errands etc, my feet felt happy in these, no pain and I felt the insole really provided nice step in comfort to compliment the cushioning. Overall, the cushioning does provide good all day comfort for those who are constantly on their feet and waking around this cushion keeps your feet not feeling sore.



Another strong point of the shoe is the way it fits your foot. The stretch knit and booty-like sock construction really work together well and makes an upper that literally fits like a sock, it  literally hugs your foot. Additionally, there is a mid foot strap which you can adjust for a tighter fit, but honestly I wouldn’t tighten them too tight, the strap just ends up hanging off the shoe and looking funny. This minimalistic upper really does create a unique fit and has definitely become the reason why the Crafted Drip is my favorite model to wear off court, when I’m not hooping.

Overall Thoughts:

Crossover Culture has created an a amazing casual shoe that excels in areas such as fit and materials. The only drawback is the initial fraying if the upper, but I found that after wearing the shoe further the fraying didn’t get any worse, but possibly can with more wears. The Crafted Drip also has a nice and simple silhouette, people were complimenting me a lot on these and kept asking what brand I was wearing. Crossover Culture sure knows how to set themselves apart from the rest and the Crafted Drip is a testament to that. More reviews and sneaker news to come here at One on One Testers.


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