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The newest brand to the market has been released to the market, Crossover Culture. Being launched just recently on February 10th, Crossover Culture is the newest kid on the block that focuses mainly on basketball performance footwear, as well as some casual footwear and apparel. The initial launch of Crossover Culture involved three on and off-court models, which are designed for positions one through five.

Crossover Culture believes in what is known to be now in the NBA as “position-less” basketball, meaning the game is noticeably evolving into a sport where positions aren’t the main focus and the sneakers can cater to athletes regardless of what position they play. Position-less basketball is becoming more and more evident which involves the use of having seven-footers being able to shoot the three ball, guards having a post up game. It’s evolving fast, hop on the bandwagon now.

One on One Testers brings you the first ever detailed look at their footwear collection down below. Also, keep scrolling for individual video reviews and articles on their collection. Thanks for tuning in everyone!

Crossover Culture Footwear Collection

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