Crossover Culture: Fortune LP First Impressions


2B280769-FC75-4CDF-B15E-83110EC53F96F4D31577-B3DB-4C0B-84EC-F39D63B2B0186D79D383-3091-4A7C-A354-6771F7C4B9E42FA0D408-3217-497A-9212-D88352EBC33DA95A128C-FC6C-4F07-8C01-F445B6A6DEE9B1DFBA8C-47FA-41D7-B748-A3D9419F5A7DWith new popular releases like the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360, we often tend to overlook the  models that smaller brands are putting out. Crossover Culture is one of those smaller brands, but that definitely doesn’t mean that their product is inferior to that of bigger brands, like Nike. I recently had the pleasure to receive a pair from Crossover Culture’s performance line, the Fortune LP.

Upon first glance this shoe definitely stands out from other performance shoes in regards to aesthetics. Personally, I love when companies try to set themselves apart from the very beginning. The color way I will be testing is the Zebra/ Lunar Dust/ Silver, but frankly, I just call them the “Oreo” color way of the Fortune LP. The upper is  comprised mainly of a knit that is coated with urethane fibers and there is some fuse on the toe to provide support. Crossover Culture also uses an internal booty for this shoe and it really does enhance the fit, one note though, wide footers size up!! The shoes fit amazing, the knit and sock work amazing together to create a sense that the shoe is an extension of your foot. The cushioning system they are using is there very own LP cushion, they state that it will, “Last from day 1 to 101,” which has me hyped, I love me a cushion that won’t bottom out easy. Just by stepping in them, the cushion is very responsive, doesn’t have too much give and bounces right back up. The traction is a herringbone pattern with a big crossover culture logo, this worries me since the logo doesn’t feature any traction and may result in me slipping.

You guys can cop the Fortune LP for $110 at, in the meantime I will be putting these through unimaginable things to get y’all an accurate performance review.  Stay tuned everyone, this is only the beginning…


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