Crossover Culture Sniper LP High Hoops Analysis




It’s been a while since I’ve dropped a Hoops Analysis, but I’m back and better than ever and coming at you guys with a dope shoe I was excited to test. The good folks at Crossover Culture sent me a pair of their updated Sniper LP to put to the ultimate test.


















Starting off with the bottom portion of the updated Sniper LP. The midsole is their LP foam with the Wishbone suspension for a stable ride. The outsole is a multi-directional herringbone thread that really went to work.

The cushion setup got the job done for me, but I definitely wasn’t blown away by this setup. The LP foam was pretty firm throughout testing and although I liked the response from it, I do like my cushion setups to soften up a little bit while breaking in and these just stayed  firm and had no give. Crossover Culture now has LP 2 foam, which I’m hoping has a little more give to it than the LP foam in the Sniper LP.

The herringbone tread went to work on these kicks, dust was never a problem and I rarely had to wipe. Aside from dust, the tread itself is awesome and bites the floor hard and gets you solid stops consistently. One of my favorite traction patterns for sure; even the Crossover Culture logo has indents in it so that it can act as traction; a feature not present on the previous seasons’ colorways. Traction doesn’t get any better than this really loved how it performed in this pair and I can’t say enough good about it.


















The upper is another amazing feature of the shoe, the materials are a 3D molded knit that have a cool digital camo design. This upper was solid, it was a tough knit so it didn’t soften up to the point where you roll over in hard stops. I was glad that these materials offered good support and at the same time softened up after breaking them in. These fit true to size and really did fit my entire feet quite well. The overlay that covers the bottom portion of the knit really provides amazing coverage and protects the knit from any fraying or other wear and tear that could occur.

The lock down of the shoe was superb, the shape of the heel really made sure of that . I never experienced any heel slippage and this was definitely a breath of fresh air since some of the other shoes I have been hooping in had sub par heel containment.


The Wrap Up


Crossover Culture made some small improvements on this Sniper LP compared to their last season. Small improvements like the logo on the outsole having indents really made a difference in the performance of the shoe. I’m stoked to see what other kicks CC can make.


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