Curry 3 First Impressions


Just want to start off by giving a huge thanks to Nick (MTMHoops) for not only sending me these, but also the Brandblack Rare Metals (First Impressions and Performance Review coming soon).

The Curry 3 features a threadborne upper, which seems like it will be soft. Under Armor also added fuse overlays on high wear area to make sure the shoe won’t die out on you too quick. On the medial side, Under Armor uses their Anafoam, which I have heard nothing but good things about. The cushioning is Under Armor’s Charged foam, which they have been using consistently throughout the Curry line. I have had knee surgery in the past and although I am a lighter guy, I still need some sort of cushion, so I am interested in trying out charged for the very first time. There’s also a shank featured for support and stability, a feature that I personally appreciate.

Traction is the good Ol’ tried and true, herringbone. Not much to say here, I am expecting good traction here if we are being honest. The rubber is pretty thick, so outdoor use should be fine with these.

Well guys, now it’s about time to stop writing and hit the gym in these. I can’t wait to bring you guys the full performance review for these and the Rare Metals. Big things coming guys, I mean it, we started talking to another brand so expect some articles on their performance line up.


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