Exclusive Access: Get to Know Dami Adepoju Behind Fini Shoes

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Fini Shoes is the newest and most versatile footwear brand on the market, to date. Making its initial brand debut in October of 2017, Fini Shoes is coming into the market hot, like really hot. The brand was developed by Dami Adepoju, a graduate from Clarkson University in upstate New York. Studying engineering, he’s always been interested in fashion, and the footwear industry. Developing the brand actually comes from a quite intriguing, yet satirical story that we’ll exclusively share with you in the interview.

Offering a totally customizable sneaker platform, the current Fini Shoes model doesn’t have a true name. Instead, they choose to release them in colorways. Debuted in ‘Snow’, ‘Panda’, ‘Panther’, & Bread colorways, the kicks are definitely bringing the best of customization and creativity to the market.

In our interview, Dami gave us some insight on an upcoming ‘chunky’ Dad shoe that’ll be releasing sometime in the near future, for the fact that they are what’s popular at the moment. Price wise, they retail at $130, considering they are bringing us a premium, genuine leather/suede in all four colorways. My pair of ‘Breads’ actually just came in this past weekend, so stay up to date to One on One Testers for a detailed analysis on them.

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