D’Angelo Russell Caught Rocking PUMA Ahead Of Sneaker Free Agency

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Despite inking an endorsement deal with the Swoosh in the Summer of 2015, it’s now 2019, and D’Angelo Russell is set to be a sneaker free agent in the coming weeks. With the Summer coming to a close, Russell now has the opportunity to wear test other kicks, as he’s been seen wearing the PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt ahead of his sneaker free agency in the next few weeks.

Earning an All Star spot this past NBA season, Russell would be a huge asset to any footwear company looking for a proven NBA athlete, and upcoming superstar. Getting traded to the Golden State Warriors this past offseason also improves D’Angelo’s huge stock as he’s in an even bigger market than Brooklyn, and playing for a team that has won two championships in the past three years.

He has recently been seen wearing the PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt ‘Reform’ when working out with NBA Skills Coach, Chris Brickley. While nothing has become official quite yet, it appears as if D-Lo might be inking a deal with PUMA sooner, rather than later.

Keep up to date here as we update D’Angelo Russell’s upcoming sneaker free agency, as it’s likely we could see him sign with PUMA, enhancing their struggling basketball line-up.


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h/t: Chris Brickley.


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