Fini Shoes ‘Bread’ Colorway | Detailed Look & Review


Hey One on One Testers Nation! Noor coming back at you guys with a First Impressions on Fini Shoes first model in the ‘Bread’ colorway. Nick and I have both been fortunate enough to receive shoes from the awesome owner himself. The thing that sets Fini apart from the rest of the sneaker industry is that their shoes feature a zipper alongside the upper, which lets the wearer customize by adding on the different accessories that come with the shoe. Let’s jump right into it and see how Fini’s first model is something special!




The outsole is a simple rubber tread that has a horizontal tread. This is a luxury shoe so don’t expect crazy cushion or a crazy tread, these were made for you to kick it in. The step in comfort is awesome, the insole they used really feels plush and I can walk around in these for days. I do hope that Fini could develop a dope cushioning setup in the future. This shoe really could be worn most of the day due to how plush the insole is, the step in comfort really is one of the best features of this shoe and was a pleasant surprise for me!




The materials used on these bad boys have got to be my favorite aspect of the shoe. The suede they used is so butter and looks so nice, especially in the wheat colorway (hey it is fall after all). Aside from the premium suede, the upper also features a zipper that is used to add on the different accessories that come with this shoe.

Unfortunately the fit isn’t as nice as the materials were, these shoes fit very loose especially around the heel. While wearing these with no accessories, I experienced extreme heel slippage. The fix for this was putting on the high top accessory, which for the most part fixed the issue with the heel slippage. My recommendation would be to go a half size to maybe even a full size down for some

After Thoughts:

Fini Shoes came out with a banger for their first shoe and was really daring with the design. The only thing truly holding these back from reaching their full potential is the heel slippage that I experienced. I am definitely hyped for what this brand has coming in the future and trust me I’ve seen what they have in store.


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