First Impressions | Crossover Culture Sniper LP




Crossover culture released a plethora of new colorways of pre existing models from their last drop. The big difference is the performance upgrades Crossover Culture made to these new colorways.

The colorway I was lucky enough to receive was the Red/Gold Sniper LP. Right off the bat, I’m in love with this colorway, the red is super bright and the gold on the shoe really makes this colorway shine. The upper is a nice and soft woven. Right when I tried these on from the get to, the materials seemed pretty soft and honestly made a good initial impression on me.

Moving onto the midsole setup, LP foam is making it’s return alongside the Wishbone suspension system to provide stability. As of now, the cushioning feels really firm and doesn’t have much give or bounce to it. I’m hoping the serum will soften up a bit while I break these in.

The outsole is the same herringbone tread they used in their previous colorway, except this time I feel as if they used a tackier rubber on this colorway. Alongside the new rubber compound, the logo on the forefoot has indents in it, making it part of the traction pattern. Going to be putting these to work and getting on that Hoops Analysis, stay tuned for that.

















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