First Look at the Kobe Five V Protro

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Amidst the controversy that the Kobe IV Protro doesn’t feature full length zoom, we’re getting a first look at what the Kobe Five V Protro will look like. Of course no tech specs as of yet, but what a time for these to leak. Many people, including myself are hoping for full length zoom for the V, but at this point it’s only wishful thinking.

Aside from the full length Zoom wishes we have other details. No details on the price, but we do know it’s releasing next year, 1/2. The countdown is on, hopefully if we’re getting the leak this early and the hype built up we can get some full length zoom. Stay tuned for more dope leaks and first looks!



Nike Kobe V Protro

Release Date: January 2nd, 2020





h/t: street80y




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