First Look at the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2

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Boston Celtics Point Guard, Kyrie Irving just debuted his fifth signature shoe, the Nike Kyrie 5. Nike Basketball and Kyrie Irving have teamed up once again to offer a budget-priced sneaker, at an affordable price point for those who can’t afford his $130 signature model; The Kyrie Flytrap 2. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap was seen as one of the best bang for your buck models on the market, will the Flytrap 2 live up to expectations and exceed its predecessor?

Kyrie Irving’s second signature budget sneaker looks to don a similar look to its predecessor, with some major upgrades. Sporting a slimmed down midsole, improved herringbone tread, and the elastic lockdown strap is evident once again. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 looks to offer a budget friendly price, with some bang for your buck options.

Traction looks to be improved, and we’re most likely going to be receiving forefoot zoom air, per the “Zoom” label on the outrigger and outsole. Materials look to be an improvement from the predecessor. A woven upper with fuse overlays? Not bad. We’re also receiving a fully customizable tongue, in comparison to the burrito-style tongue that the Flytrap 1 offered.

Major thank you to John Carlo, our trusted overseas source, who was willing enough to give the net an exclusive First Look at the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2. The sneakers are the same price as the original Flytrap over in the Philippines, so we’ll most likely see the same $80 price point when these release stateside. That wraps it up for now. No release information is available for a stateside release quite yet, but we’ll keep you all covered at One on One Testers as that information comes along. Drop your thoughts on these down in the comments below.




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