Rumored First Look at the Nike Zoom Freak 1

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Boy do I got a dope leak for you guys, after months of speculation and after another leak surfacing, I can now proudly say the Greek Freak 1 has leaked, or at least what is speculated to be Giannis’ first shoe. Of course the image has to be kind of grainy, but we can obviously still see the silhouette and some of the features of Giannis’ first signature sneaker. About time it surfaced, the man is making a strong case for MVP this season and these kicks will definitely bring about more hype for this freakish athlete.

Let’s look and see what we can gather form this leak. The upper looks kind of similar to the Curry 6, those lace loops are a giveaway and that is by no means a knock on this sneaker. Hard to tell what the upper material is, but you can make out that there is fuse on the toe for added durability. Also, the upper seems to be utilizing a one booty construction, which will not sit well with those who prefer an actual tongue. That’s all for this amazing leak, time to get hyped for these kicks!! More info on release and pricing coming soon!









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These look exactly like the Kobe ADs. I am not hyped at all.

Nick Montesano

Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see. That’s the thing about these grainy “leaks”. Generally they give us a decent glimpse as to what the shoes will actually look like and at its silhouette, but the quality is always trash. Hopefully these aren’t it, cause I ain’t feeling them either!

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