First Look at the Upcoming Nike LeBron 16

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One on One Nation, One on One Testers is giving the whole net, a First Look at the upcoming Nike LeBron 16. A pretty fishy leak of the kicks have come out, and of course, we’re here to report it nice and early for y’all.

After a pretty successful LeBron 15 release, with the LeBron Watch exclusive releases, and overall a pretty solid release of the 15s, the Nike LeBron 16 is right around the corner. We could be expecting a release for the 16s around the October-November area, just like the 15s did.

Just from a first impression, the overall silhouette vastly reminds me of the Nike KD X. Performance wise, these could be absolute bangers as the shoes look to feature a flyknit upper, full-length, decoupled Nike Zoom Air cushioning, and a pretty aggressive traction pattern that wraps up a bit. Just to let everyone know, these are replicas of the actual Nike LeBron 16, so these overseas guys who make knockoff sneakers are essentially giving us a good look at what the shoes could really look like.

Well, that just about takes care of it. Make sure to stay tuned to One on One Testers for more early leaks, first looks, reviews, and more. We got you covered with all the good sneeaker news/performance review. How do y’all feel about the Nike LeBron 16 leak?

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via: Hoopsneaker.

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