First Look at the Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2

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With the release of the Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 coming up right after Christmas, in less than two weeks, we have a new leak that has surfaced to the web. After we broke the news on the silhouette sketch of Russell Guestbook’s second signature shoe, we have a quick look for those that are interested to see an exclusive look at the upper materials of them.

Although we haven’t fully had a clear leak quite yet, the images below provides us with a look of what the upper materials sport, as well as some . The upper tooling looks to be take components of the Jordan “WHY NOT? ZER0.1, featuring an ankle strap, and mesh upper, with a fused shroud.

The second iteration boasts a totally mid-top silhouette, featuring a forefoot mesh, a suede-esque heel panel material, and medial/lateral carbon fiber mid-foot straps. This leak is definitely grainy, and only gives us a look at certain angles of the shoe, but it does appear the second signature shoe of Russell Westbrook looks to lose some bulk, and does not feature a shroud like the first iteration.

We can also view a new dynamic lacing system; this time using an adjustable tongue, which should provide a more accommodating fit for those that didn’t like the tightness and bulk of the predecessor model. There’s also a #0 outsole, paying homage to the uniform number The Brodie wears on the hardwood. In addition, an injected-phylon midsole appears to be evident, with no sources of Nike Zoom Air branding. Nonetheless, it’s more than likely we’ll see the initial release pairs with full length zoom.

Russell Westbrook’s Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 is slated to release Wednesday, December 26th, for around a $125 price point. Official tech specs have not leaked, nor been released to the public quite yet, but be sure to stick to the site as more details come underway.






Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2

Release Date: Wednesday, December 26th

























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