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Hey nation, Noor back here with my second fitness related article. You guys seemed to like the first one, so let’s keep the ball rolling. Today, I wanted to touch on the topic of overtraining, as you all know I’m a personal trainer and have just recently received by certificate in corrective exercise, so helping those with injuries is my specialty.

Before taking about overtraining, I want to clarify that overtraining is and clear the air regarding this buzz word. Overtraining is not pushing all out in a training session (given you’re in control and safe), trying to make improvements in your physique and performance through plain and simple hard ass work. What I just described is overloading and as someone looking to improve, you should be looking to overload your body in an optimal way. Overtraining is when your sessions are just too long, you don’t take rest days, and can also result from improper sleep and nutrition.

An example of someone who is overtraining is say a guy who works out seven days a week and does something ridiculous like 30 sets for chest alone. That’s an extreme scenario, but by know you probably grasped the concept of overload vs. overtraining. Some symptoms of overtraining include: prolonged soreness, muscle stiffness, joint pain, decrease in strength, fatigue, lack of motivation, and increased risk of injury.

With that said, done use overtraining as your excuse to not work hard, you got to work your ass off, you just have to be smart about it. Working out has a good prescribed amount, go above that and it’s an overdose a.k.a overtraining. Keep killing it in the gym y’all and for those who aren’t on the fitness grind yet, I recommend you guys hop on now.

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