Is This A FIRST LOOK at the Air Jordan 33?

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A while back One on One Testers gave everyone some release information on the upcoming Air Jordan 33, slated to release in October, right when the 2018-19 NBA Season begins. Not only will the Jordan 33 be releasing in October this year, we also have a noticeable deduction on the retail price for this model this year.

Is this our First Look at the upcoming Air Jordan 33? We have no idea. Leaks & surfaced images can mean anything, but from time to time again, they give us a glimpse of what the model might actually look like. Supposedly, the Air Jordan 33 has surfaced on Chinese Blog; Hupu. Most notable in green and red colorways. The tech specifications have a unique, story-telling traction tread, full-length Zoom Air, a flyknit upper, as well as a tongue strap, & forefoot strap. Could these be the Air Jordan 33? It sure is looking like they might be it. The only thing that could truly factor into these being a separate model apart from the 33s is that they don’t take many design cues from the Air Jordan 3.

Well, that just about takes care of it. You can expect to see the Air Jordan 33 to release in October of this year for $175. Stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin for more leaks, surfaced images, and sneaker news.

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All images via: Hupu/Weibo.

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