Is This Our FIRST LOOK at the Nike Audacity 2019?

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One of Nike’s most notable budget models in their performance basketball line has been the Air Max Audacity. Nike started it off with the 2015 Audacity, then the 2016, and then this year’s Air Max Dominate. It seems like the whole line has been all over the place since 2016, and maybe we can get some bang for your buck performance out of this year’s model.

What appears to be surfaced images of the upcoming Audacity, or Dominate has surfaced. Whatever the name for the shoe is, they already have a similar feel to what the Audacity and Dominate line has brought us in the past: supportive upper, thick cushion, and a very stable base for all the support you need for a big man shoe. These shoes are definitely catered more towards a big man, just from the looks at least.

Tech spec wise, we don’t have any official information just yet. Although that is true, just from looking at it, we can pretty much tell what we have. The marbled outsole looks to feature a pretty aggressive modified herring-bone pattern, with two colored high-volume hex Zoom Air units in the heel, and mid foot of the shoes. The reason we speculate that there is only two zoom units in the shoe, is because of the fact the rubber is in a different color from the rest of the outsole. Although the rubber is protruding out to look like a hex Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, it’s most likely just some foam they put in there. Upper wise, it’s nothing special. Mesh. Not bad, but definitely not the best Nike can give us.

That wraps it up for now One on One Nation. What do you all think about this year’s upcoming Nike big-man shoe? Let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin for more on these kicks, as well as the daily sneaker news.


All images via: Street8oy/Hupu.

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