Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low | Hoops Analysis


Jordan Brand Ultra.Fly 2 Low | Hoops Analysis

I picked these up for under $40 not expecting a whole ton but I liked how they looked.  Did they outperform their price?  Keep reading to find out.

Starting with the outsole, translucent rubber has always been iffy with me but these kind of reminded me if the Kobe 9 and AJ XX8 had a baby.  They weren’t as good as either of those but they did out perform a lot of shoes I have played in recently.  I would put these on par with the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.  The traction was tight enough to bite, but wide enough to not get too caked up.  These required some wiping but nothing overly abundant.

The midsole encased a heel and forefoot zoom unit, could it be felt?  Actually, yes.  They phylon they used was on the softer side and you could really feel it compress and give you a tad bit of spring from the zoom.  The ride was actually quite pleasant and the transition was better than the 2 shoes I reviewed before. These are a little on the cushier side, but with my bad knees I enjoyed the break from pounding the hardwood (pause).

Moving on to the upper.  With a ballistic mesh and some fuse overlays, the upper was flexible but relatively supportive for hard cuts and abrupt stops.  With the addition of an internal heel counter, I felt pretty secure and these played pretty stable despite the softer ride.  With the exposed speed lacing system, you see how the last lace loops really draw you securely into the back of the heel for that good 1 to 1 fit.  I thought the shoe was very well thought out.

My only real issue with the shoe was the fit.  I went with my normal 9.5 and lengthwise they were perfect, but the mesh upper initially was very narrow and restricting with my semi-wide foot.  After a couple sessions it was much improved but it still has that narrowness that hasn’t gone away.


The Jordan Brand Ultra Fly 2 low was refreshing.  Like F5 key refreshing, like 120 Hertz refreshing.  All for the low low price of $40.  If you’re on a budget and looking for a very playable option please consider these.  If you have a giant Shrek foot, you may want to try them on but for your everyday baller; You’re welcome.

Noor Kashif aka noodity aka illuminoody! Love hooping, sneakers and fitness, I’ve been hooping for 7 years and I also am an NASM certified personal trainer. Born and raised in Cali and always looking to get out dope content for this amazing site!

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