Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low Performance Review

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What’s good One on One Testers crew? To kick off the Summer, One on One Testers is going to be absolutely grinding out articles, reviews, and sneaker news for all the good people that keep up the site. This Summer is going to go fast, but we’re going to keep up and continue the grind! To kick off this Summer, I have written my Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low Performance Review.

 The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low is a newer and affordable model on the market right now and these are killer. The original Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 released quite some time ago, but Jordan Brand decided to sport a slimmed down version of this particular model. These guys arrived at retailers around January of this year, but lets get into this. 



The traction on this particular model features multi-directional lines and tread all through out the outsole. There are three particular pods that feature fairly frail lines that are tightly packed together. The rest of the outsole is covered by a pattern that looks to be similar to the Jordan 28’s. As per how the outsole performed, it was decent. The outsole felt inconsistent at times because of three pods of tightly packed grooves that would pick up dust and debris, while the rest of the outsole wouldn’t. I feel like if Jordan Brand stuck with the rubber that covers the three pods for the whole entire outsole design, then we could have some serious hall of fame level traction right here. Outdoors wise, they were great. Some debris would get stuck into those pods but I didn’t have any noticeable slipping. Outdoor coverage was consistent, despite the inconsistency on an indoor hardwood surface. It was mainly those three pods that needed some wiping maintenance from time to time.

⊕  SCORE – 8.5/10  ⊕


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For the cushioning, this was a BIG surprise. Yes, Jordan Brand covered us with top loaded heel and forefoot zoom, encased in a phylon midsole for $100. The phylon midsole does start off a tad bit dense and clunky underneath your foot for the first couple of wears. After some normal break-in time, I could totally feel the heel hex unit. The forefoot zoom unit is your standard unit that’s top loaded. It’s not necessarily anything you can totally feel right from the get-go, but after some break in time, I noticed a little bit of compression and rebound in the forefoot. And I mean, a little bit. The cushioning isn’t necessarily anything that’s going to feel mind-blowing on foot, it’s just something that works and did its job very well. The heel unit is a hex unit, so it’s a lot smaller than your standard heel zoom air unit. But, it’s super thick so you can definitely notice it after the heel softens up a bit. Overall, the cushioning isn’t anything to be super excited about. I couldn’t feel the zoom give me a high compression/rebound feeling underneath my foot, but it’s really there to just give you some adequate impact protection. Despite the fact, even though the zoom wasn’t very noticeable underneath my foot, it supplied me with some great impact protection that kept me feeling fresh after hooping in them. 

⊕  SCORE – 9/10  ⊕



The materials are definitely one of the better aspects of the Ultra.Fly 2 Low. We have a textile upper with very tight threads that are woven together to create a strong, supportive, and soft material around your foot. The material on foot feels pretty soft and yet decently supportive. The only form of a fuse overlay is around the eyelet area to ensure lace loops have added durability. The textile upper has little stretch and was definitely something I enjoyed for just $100. The textile upper functions pretty well on foot, providing adequate support and ample durability for myself. Overall, the materials aren’t anything to write home about, but again, they just got the job done really well for $100 bucks. 

⊕  SCORE – 10/10  ⊕


The word adequate is what I can say at best for the Ultra.Fly 2 Low. The upper has little to not stretch, but being a textile material with no form of an additional supportive overlay, the support isn’t anything spectacular. At best I can say the material got the job done support wise. When doing lateral cuts/crossovers the textile upper for sure contained me, but I feel like if there was an additional overlay just around the outer edge of the upper, we could have something really special here. But Jordan Brand just gave us worked and that’s all I can really say. The materials did an adequate job of locking down my foot, and I didn’t have any noticeable issues to touch on here.

As per the the fit, it’s a little tricky. I’d say to go true to size in this particular model, but the upper is a one-piece construction, thus it’s not going to fit everyone’s feet properly. They fit mine just right. Since the upper is a one piece construction, it’s a little tricky to get them on foot, but once they’re on, you should be good to go. As per wide footers, you’re really just going to have to try these on. These definitely run a bit narrow going from the heel to the mid-foot, but then the fit is on the wider side in the forefoot. I want to say going true to size should be alright for wide footers. There isn’t any noticeable wiggle room above my toes or dead space. Personally, the fit was one-to-one for my narrow foot, so that’s a big plus.

Support wise, these get the job done. The Ultra.Fly 2 Low features all the main components of a shoe to get the job done in this category. Lateral outrigger? Webbed lacing system? Leather outer-lay, and internal heel counter? Right on. These guys feature all of what I just said, but with even more features. The midsole almost cradles your foot because it rises up a bit to actually have you sit “inside” of the foam. This happens around the lateral mid-foot and heel area. We also have the standard TPU shank plate underneath the foot for added stability and support all across the sneaker.

⊕  SCORE – 9/10  ⊕

Overall Thoughts 


Jordan Brand got the job done with these guys. The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low didn’t necessarily do anything phenomenal, but it just about did everything right. I haven’t wear tested a Jordan Brand model in quite some time and these were a pleasurable experience to play in. Bang for your buck is where we’re at for just $100 for this model.

This was totally a great run for these sneakers and I hope I’ll be able to play in these again once I finish up wear testing some other models. Well-done job by Jordan Brand, they’re coming back to the game with giving us quality for our money.

⊕  FINAL SCORE – 9.1/10  ⊕

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