Jordan Why Not? ZER0.1 Performance Review


Here it is, put a decent amount of hours into this shoe and can honestly say this is surprisingly my favorite in my rotation. Been grinding this summer trying to hoop even more and trying to give you guys accurate reviews. Let’s take a look at Brodie’s first signature shoe.



Traction on this shoe was one of this models’ strengths. I was surprised to see that this traction pattern provided a good amount of bite and I felt really confident in my crossovers and other movements where I’m changing directions quickly. The traction itself is the reason that these are my new favorite in my rotation, even my Kobe 11s took a backseat because of these. Dust was hardly an issue with this traction pattern, I’m a habitual wiper and I honestly found myself barely needing to wipe these. Traction performed amazing and honestly surprised me, the pattern didn’t look like anything special to me and it’s a semi-translucent outsole, which has been known as a hit or miss.

⊕  SCORE – 10/10  ⊕



The materials featured on the Why Not ZER0.1 certainly aren’t anything to be super hyped about, with that said they do get the job done and are supportive. The upper is composed of a mesh with a synthetic shroud covering the mesh, definitely not the most breathable shoe but these materials really did support my feet and my foot felt contained and secure in this shoe. The only drawback to the upper is that it is stiff, especially at first when trying to break them in. Surprisingly enjoyed this aspect of the shoe, reminds me of old basketball shoes, you’d have to break them in, but they were built like tanks and lasted long. The Why Not ZER0.1 is no different, these materials are going to make sure that this shoe lasts long and supports your foot.

⊕  SCORE – 7/10  ⊕



Been waiting to get to this section of the review, can’t say enough good things about this cushion set up. Full length zoom when done like this is simply a treat for your feet, I felt the bounce when playing in these, but it was more of a subtle bounce. This shoe is proof that full length zoom, when done right is one of the best cushions on the market. The cushion isn’t too crazy though, it wasn’t unstable and I didn’t feel hesitant when playing with these, this time around Jordan Brand is giving us full length zoom done right, not too bouncy, just the right amount of bounce to keep you interested. The impact protection and response offered by this cushion setup gives the cushion of the Why Not ZER0.1 a 10/10.

⊕  SCORE – 10/10  ⊕



Yet another strong point of the Why Not ZER0.1, the fit of the shoe is amazing, the back is molded to cup your heel and lock it down in place. The lacing system is a toggle system, which at some points did bother my foot, the toggle piece would sometimes dig  into my foot, this can be fixed by simply moving it into a different position. Additionally, the strap did provide some lockdown and never got undone or got in the way. The fit on this shoe does fit a little narrow, wide footers may want to size up or avoid these due to the glove like fit. As always, if you’re unsure, go to a store and try them on. Fit for the Why Not Zer0.1 gets a 8.5/10, was a great fit, but is uncomfortable at first and does need some adjustments to ensure comfort.

The support of this shoe is another feature that shines in this model. The fat outrigger ensures you’re covered with all your hard cuts and I felt like it really did it’s job. The nice stable base of the shoe along with the outrigger provide awesome support for your feet. Another great support feature I enjoyed was the external heel cup, yeah sure it makes the shoe look bulky, but man did it make me feel supported throughout. The external heel cup isn’t a hard plastic, it’s more of a hard foam that wraps around the heel portion of the shoe.

⊕  SCORE – 10/10  ⊕

Overall Thoughts

The Why Not Zer0.1 is built like a tank and I could honestly see multiple positions liking this shoe. The Why Not Zer0.1 is my current go to shoe, even though it isn’t the lightest shoe and doesn’t have the best materials, other aspects like fit and cushion really stand out and makes up for other lacking areas. For $125 the Why Not Zer0.1 really does give you a bang for your buck signature shoe, you’re getting full length zoom done the right way, decent materials, and a really good fit. Jordan Brand really made a banger for Brodie’s first signature shoe and I hope they can keep this momentum going and make Westbrook’s second shoe even better. That sums up my experience with these bad boys, probably my favorite shoe I’ve written a review on. Stay tuned for more, maybe I’ll review another shoe that can outdo the Why Not Zer0.1!!

⊕  FINAL SCORE – 9.2/10  ⊕

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Nice review. I just picked up the creamsicle one and agree the fit is snug like a glove. I almost went up a half size by an going to break these in and see if Thierry adapt to my foot.


Facts! Glad to hear you liked them.

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