Jordan Why Not ZER0.1 First Impressions


The Brodie, last year’s MVP, Mr. Triple Double himself and one of my favorite players to watch, Russell Westbrook alongside Jordan Brand have finally come up with the MVP’s first signature sneaker. Let’s take a look at what these bad boys are packing so I can get in the gym and start testing them.

The upper is a mesh with a synthetic shroud over it, upon first wearing them I could tell I will have to put hours in these to break in the upper, but honestly I prefer having to break in a shoe and not have it broken in right out of the box. The stiff upper will provide support and probably will not soften up too much, but lately I have been wanting to test out a really supportive shoe and these feel like a tank in terms of support. These for sure seem like they will be durable and remind me of how shoes used to be made, they will take time to break in, but they are going to be durable, seriously built like a tank is an understatement.

The fit on these when I first wore them was simply amazing, more shoes need to start fitting like this, I felt really secure in these while walking around. The lacing system is similar to that on the Kobe AD NXT, there’s a toggle alongside thin laces and to wrap it up there’s a strap that covers the toggle and laces, the only thing that worries me is if the strap will get in the way or cause me to slip. Other than that, this fit literally sucked my foot into the shoe and my foot felt like they were being hugged by the upper.

Cushioning is full length zoom, do I really need to say more? Full Length Zoom when done right, is for sure one of the best cushions on the market. When I first put these on I could feel the zoom underneath my foot, and man I can’t say enough good things about these. I can tell I am going to have fun hooping in these and these will hopefully be a staple in my rotation.

Finally, what I regard as the most important category for shoes is traction, the Why Not Zero.1 has a semi-translucent bottom with herringbone traction. From what I have heard, people said that the traction worked even on dusty courts, which I would prefer since I hoop mainly on dusty 24 Hour Fitness courts. The traction pattern isn’t very deep, which makes me worry about the durability, the traction is spread apart so dust should not be too much of an issue.

That’s that for the Why Not Zero.1, can’t wait to get in the gym and hoop in them. Look out for a Performance Review soon! Stay tuned in to One on One Testers, we got more of that good stuff coming ;).


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