Klay Thompson’s Signature Shoe Is Getting a Lifestyle Look

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Klay Thompson’s fourth performance silhouette has finally released with overseas sportswear company, Anta. Klay Thompson has had several different signature sneakers, and budget-friendly lines, and the Lifestyle look is going to be a first for Anta and Klay. The Anta KT 4 ‘Disruptive’ looks to take the original KT 4 and transform it into a lifestyle look with premium mesh, and raw leather materials.

The Anta KT 4 ‘Disruptive’ looks to feature everything the original model does. Same outsole, same cushioning, but different materials. The silhouette is the same, but the actual sneaker is a little bit different. Exhibiting a ‘Dad’ sneaker look, the KT 4 ‘Disruptive’ brings in a premium leather and mesh look, with a classic 90s. & 2000s feel.

This forthcoming model currently has no release information at the moment, but we’ll keep everyone in the loop at The Sneaker Bulletin. Will you be grabbing a pair of the Splash Brother’s newest kicks to release? Let us know in the comment section.

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