Nike LeBron Watch Returns Christmas Day

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You heard that right guys, LeBron watch is coming back and this time around for the LeBron 16. Last year Nike kicked off the LeBron Watch program with the goal of creating special colorways that payed homage to other Nike silhouettes and athletes that LeBron has shown admiration for.

The LeBron 15, LeBron Watch was a massive success and many awesome models came out last season that got people hyped for the shoe. Some of these LeBron Watch shoes were PEs just for the King himself, but others were made available to purchase in limited quantities via the SNKRS app. Nike is happy to announce that this seasons LeBron Watch for the LeBron 16 will kick off on Christmas Day!

That’s all we got on this dope news, many of you guys were asking about this season’s LeBron Watch, with some wondering if there was even going to be one this season. Super hyped to see what kind of crazy colorways LeBron will bust out the rest of the season. Stay tuned for more dope content One on One familia, we got your back with news, leaks, and some new Hoops Analysis dropping so y’all know what’s good with a performance model.







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h/t: Nike.


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