The Way of Wade 7 Officially Surfaces


Only took a couple days after D Wade debuted them for us to get more up close pics of this dope shoe. Now that we get close ups, I have to say it does have a similar silhouette to the Harden Vol 1 as I mentioned in my last article. However, these still have their own unique style to them and I’m a huge fan of how they look, I’m my opinion this shoe looks better than the Harden Vol. 1. No word on any of the tech specs or release date, all we got for now are these dope shots of the shoe that make them look dope. Stay tuned to One on One Testers, we got y’all covered with news and reviews, plus working with some dope people so stay tuned for that also.


All images via: @oklai19


Noor Kashif aka noodity aka illuminoody! Love hooping, sneakers and fitness, I’ve been hooping for 7 years and I also am an NASM certified personal trainer. Born and raised in Cali and always looking to get out dope content for this amazing site!

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