The Nike Kobe A.D. Exodus is Kobe Bryant’s Newest Basketball Silhouette

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Yup you guys read that right, we are already getting a new Kobe model months after the Kobe AD NXT 360 released (still a mouthful even months after it’s release). DeMar DeRozan has been spotted wearing this new Kobe model and has even teased the par on his story .

As far as the name of the model, seems like this model is the next shoe in line for the AD line, rumored to be called the Kobe A.D. Exodus. Set to release on Mamba day (8/24), not much is known about this new Kobe AD model in regards to pricing and tech specs. I’m legit hyped for these, after hearing about traction durability issues in the NXT 360, I shyed away from buying them (and that $200 price tag was a turn off too). This model seems a little more beefed up than the minimalistic Kobe AD NXT 360, making it more than likely that these will at the very least be more durable than their predecessor. That lacing set up also looks interesting, personally digging the look.

That’s enough Kobe hype y’all, stay tuned to One on One Testers so we can keep you guys posted on kicks like these and others!

via: Drew League.
via: DeMar DeRozan.

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Should have used the kobe 9 pattern or went with full length herringbone

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