FIRST LOOK: adidas Dame 5

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As we approach the release dates of both the adidas Harden Vol. 3 and the adidas Dame 5, we’re getting hit with tons of awesome leaked images of both highly anticipated signature sneakers. With this Dame 5 leak we’re getting some new angles to colorways that we have seen leaked previously. Yes, even angles matter when leaks happen, different angles can confirm or deny any suspicions we have about tech. Unfortunately that’s not the case here, but of course we can all agree that adidas is most likely going to go with their Bounce cushioning setup.

Additionally, there seems to be a rubber cage on the lateral side of the shoe that extends upwards beyond the mid sole and onto the actual upper, which should provide good lateral support, making the player secure in moves such as crossovers and hard cuts. That’s all the info these pics give us, as far as the upper we know adidas likes to give us different materials with different colorways. Stay tuned to One on One Testers for more news, leaks, and Hoops analysis.

dame 5 01.jpg

dame 5 02dame 5 03

dame 5 04
All images via: Fast Pass.


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