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We definitely are not slowing down in 2019, in fact we are comin’ at you with tons of new content today: Nick’s Harden Vol. 3 Hoops Analysis, our Top Performers of 2018, and this Hoops Analysis. As most of you know, I grew up a Lakers and Kobe means a lot to me. I always expect a lot out of Kobe’s signature line, especially since the 11 is still one of my favorite shoes of all time. Time to see if the Kobe A.D. can handle the pressure and come out as a solid model in the Kobe signature line.







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Starting off with the bottom portion of these kicks, we have Lunarlon foam as the cushioning setup used and the traction pattern is a multi-directional wave that has flex grooves cut out. The Lunarlon felt pretty good in the A.D. Mid, but I definitely was expecting more from a Kobe shoe, compare it to the setup of the 11. The cushioning felt fairly plush initially, but lost some of that plushness and died down quite a bit. Playing in them recently, I have taken notice as to how the Lunarlon feels and there’s definitely something missing.

Even though this does seem like a drawback, the Lunarlon still feel fine and I did feel as if they still offered a good amount of impact protection. Cushioning started off solid, but then tapered off and became somewhat decent sadly.The traction of this shoe was sub-par, I had to wipe alot and slid on occasion, even after the break in period. This tread works fine dust free, but obviously the problem is that dust got stuck on these frequently, which meant I wasn’t decent stops unless I was frequently wiping. Traction is one of the most important aspects for a Guard like me, so this issue was definitely in the back of my mind, even during games.

It pains me to say that the traction of this shoe was average, a Kobe shoe should never have anything as average. Other than the traction, the shoe does feature a pronounced lateral outrigger that worked well and did provide good support for lateral movements. The traction wasn’t a total fail, but definitely not the best, hoping that future Kobe models learn from the mistakes of the previous ones.








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Moving on to the top portion of the Kobe A.D. Mid, the upper is comprised of a Felt material, which honestly wasn’t my favorite. I wish they would have gone with a textile or engineered mesh, I felt as if the upper really didn’t contain my foot well and didn’t really form to my foot at all. Fly wire cables are being used in the upper, but they can only do so much to try and contain my foot. On a positive note, the Flywire cables really did go to work for me in this shoe, I’ve tested models where I’ve felt that the implementation of Flywire cables was done wrong. The kicks fit me pretty narrow, I still went true to size and tried to break the felt upper in to see if the upper improved.

Once broken in, the upper does get a little better, but still has the aforementioned problems to a lesser degree. So far these these materials are holding up, so they definitely got the durability right. The Kobe A.D. Mid upper definitely had flaws which improved overtime, once broken in I got used to the Felt material and started to enjoy it quite a bit. I still wish another material wasn’t used, these materials really didn’t do it for me at all.




The Wrap-Up



The Kobe A.D. Mid is a decent choice at best for a Hoops shoe, it does some things well and others things poorly. The upper was my main issue with the shoe, had Nike used a different material I’m certain I would have liked these a lot better. Sadly, these are not a great addition to the Kobe line and after testing I use these as trainers now. Thanks for checking in on this Hoops Analysis!! My Harden Vol. 3 coming next, so be on the lookout for that in the next couple of days.

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