Nike PG 2 First Impressions

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The Nike PG 2 made its debut February of this year, 2018. Paul George seems to love video games and fishing as per the themes all along his sneakers. ONLY the Nike PG 2 ‘OKC’ colorway is on sale for $65 on right now. Yeah $65 and these guys released like three or four months ago. Crazy. Lets get into this…

We’ll go from the bottom to top of the sneaker. So starting off with the traction, MAN this is a huge improvement in comparison to the Nike PG 1 from my first impressions. The Nike PG 1 traction wasn’t terrible. In fact, it was pretty damn good. The PG 2 just seems like it’s taking everything from its predecessor and making it better. For the outsole we have a bunch of wavy lines and these grooves are super thick. The one thing though, they’re also very pliable. This isn’t a bad thing as these feel like they are really going to grab on court, but these probably won’t last you outdoors.

For the cushioning we have a full length phylon midsole and a ten millimeter Nike forefoot zoom air unit. To be totally honest, this stuff feels pretty similar to the Nike PG 1. The phylon in this particular model isn’t as stiff as the PG 1 but it feels noticeably lighter though. The Zoom Unit is the same length and width as the PG 1’s, but this time around it’s thicker at ten millimeters. The question everyone is going to ask me is if I can feel the zoom this time around? My answer is that it’s too early. The cushioning isn’t anything to brag about, but it feels like it will work adequately for me and will get the job done. I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to feel the zoom in this model. I could barely feel it in the 1s because of how firm the phylon was and it was bottom loaded. One thing that might not make me feel the zoom in this model is the super thick ortholite insole. I might insole swap to see if I can actually feel it this time around and give an accurate review.  Either way the zoom is there and it has some form of function. We’ll see how it works out in the performance review.

Ah… materials. Another improvement from the PG 1. I keep up bringing up the PG 1 because the PG 2 really feels like a vast improvement from its predecessor. That’s something that I have to touch on. The Nike PG 1 offered a thin mesh upper with some suede and nubuck.  These guys offer a mesh material, but it really feels like a woven in hand. The threads are woven so tightly that we could really consider this a knit. We also have some premium touches with suede around the heel and forefoot area for added durability. Support feels like it will be adequate as well as the lockdown.

Well guys, that just about wraps up my Nike PG 2 Impressions. As you can tell, I had a lot of good things to say about these guys because they really just look like they are taking everything the PG 1 offered and doing it slightly better. This feels like a proper evolution for a signature basketball line. Well done job by Nike thus far.



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