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What’s up One on One Nation, Noor here with something different but still dope nonetheless. Nick and I have planned to start posting more about our fitness journeys and hopefully inspire or motivate some of y’all along the way.

I started getting into fitness at around age 17, I had graduated high school early and had a lot of down time before I started community college. I got down on myself, I started eating like crap and stopped hooping as much (I had a gym membership since I was 15, but only hooped). One day I realized just how our of hand my life was getting, I was always a skinny guy, but I could see somewhat of a guy coming out (ate plates and plates of ice cream with Hershey’s syrup). I decided I had to change and finally do something about it.

So, I stared off doing a ton of abs exercises at home and didn’t know much about lifting. I cake upon a good amount of youtube channels and the more I learned, the more my passion for lifting and eating right increased. My love for fitness really was growing, but I still had a long ways to go, I wasn’t eating much still and had a hard time gaining muscle even though my abs were starting to pop.

I kept at it and through the advice of a friend decided to become a certified personal trainer. I got my cert and landed an awesome job and now here I am. Still trying to gain muscle (eating habits way better) and stilly trying to Put out dope content on this amazing site for all you amazing people. More to come on this fitness grind!! For now this is an intro to my story, below you can check out a before and after. Remember y’all transformations are mental just as much as they are physical! Looking forward to killing it this year alongside all you hustlers!











After (Current)




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