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Noor here checkin’ in with something different than what y’all are used to. The other two members of the crew already introduced themselves, so I might as well join the party. T start off, unlike the two other guys who live in the East Coast, I’m based in California. I’ve been hooping for six years and my love for sneakers started when I was a skateboarder and I’m glad that my passion for skate shoes carried on over to basketball shoes. I still keep up with skate shoes, I love all sneakers in general, if it’s dope and I can see myself rockin’ it then I wanna cop.

I am currently a personal trainer and going to community college with plans on transferring to a university soon. I plan on becoming a physical therapist and working with different types of athletes. My passion for basketball sneakers really started a couple years ago when I got the Kobe 11 Black History Month colorway, I loved the multi color knit pattern used in the back and the overall silhouette of the shoe, the rest is history. Now I love writing about different type stuff of basketball sneakers from all different brands and have even worked with quite a few alongside Nick.

Moving on from my background, this site, like many other successful sites had a humble beginning. Nick and I started this site 6 month ago and what a journey it’s been so far. It started with Nick DM’ing me about being on a podcast and from there we decided to start this amazing site. Through all the ups and downs, the crew here at One on One Testers is always making efforts to make the best content possible for you guys to enjoy. Thanks for checking out my intro guys, love the support and feedback and even though this phrase is always said it holds true, the site isn’t possible without #OneonOneNation.

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