PEAK TaiChi | Detailed Look & Review

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The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn; here’s our detailed look and review on the PEAK TaiChi. The TaiChi’s arrive debuted by Chinese sportswear company, PEAK, a brand you likely have never heard of. Little did you know, this brand has some of the most premium shoes, for some of the lowest prices.

The TaiChi’s are hands down more comfortable than any adidas Boost running sneaker I’ve ever worn. I’d hate to compare, but the closest thing I could compare them to is the UltraBoost, and these are even better than those. The cushion, materials, and traction durability is all top-notch. And, the fact that this shoe is only $100 retail, speaks for itself.

Mike’s Review:

“The pros for this shoe include great step in comfort when it’s on foot. The shoe itself has great ankle support when either running or walking. The shoe fits snug and is tight around the toe with some space between the big toe and the end of the shoe. I found that the shoes insole was very plush and the mesh fabric is lightweight. Overall the shoe is lightweight and it feels like you’re walking on clouds. The Peak Taichi fit true to size and are durable enough for any activity.

Some cons of this shoe include the heel cushion which has some instability. It feels as if you will trip at times, but it’s just the heel cushion which takes some time to get used to.

Special thank you to Peak Sports for sending us a pair of the TaiChi! Looking forward to many more releases in the future”.

Let us know what you think of PEAK’s newest athleisure, off-court sneaker. Click here to grab yourself a pair now. PEAK will be launching their own store on Amazon soon, so keep it locked here for updates on the brand’s next moves.


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