Sample to Production Kicks | Nike KD 9

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What’s up One on One Nation, Noor here ready to give you guys a breakdown of the differences between the sample version of the Nike KD 9 and the final version that made it into production. Let’s get write into this dope series.

Nike KD 9 Production Pair

The production pair of the Nike KD 9 had an all flyknit upper that was one piece. This made the KD 9 a shoe that fit narrow fitters the best, the lack of an adjustable tongue really made the fit of the shoe suffer for the wide footed hoopers. The full length zoom was a hit or miss with people, with some people experiencing the zoom bag popping due to a design flaw that was fixed in the KD 10. The traction featured a honeycomb like traction pattern that seemed to have worked well on floors that weren’t dusty.

KD pro.jpg

Nike KD 9 Sample Pair

The sample pair that is pictured below has many similarities with the final production version. Regardless of those similarities, let’s dive into the differences that this sample pair has compared to its final production counterpart. The big difference between the sample and production is the fact that the sample pair featured a mid top collar that wasn’t flyknit and had an adjustable tongue instead of the one piece construction we got with the final KD 9. This big difference could have possibly attracted more people to the shoe, as with the mid top collar and adjustable tongue, players can have more room for adjustment. This feature most likely would have made the KD 9 an even better shoe to play in, plus that mid top collar looks pretty neat as well. Nike, next time go with the adjustable tongue.


KD 9 sample
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