SōlScience ANTIDŌT Footwear Fresheners | Product Analysis

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What’s good One on One Nation. Noor back at it yet again, this time with a review of SōlScience’s ANTIDŌT review. I just want to thank the good people over at SōlScience for sending me the two scents that will be covered in this review: Tropicali and Cool Watermelon. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review.



Man I had to start the article off with this scent since I’m from Cali. The name ‘Tropicali’ is a perfect name for this scent, it definitely has a tropical scent to it, pineapple being the most noticeable scent, at least for me personally. The scent does stick around for a while after spraying it, but of course as with all scents like this one, it’ll only last for so long since you’re wearing your shoes and constantly sweating in them. But hey, another couple sprays and you’ll be okay.

Cool Watermelon:


I have to say out of the two that I received, this one was my favorite. I got love for Cali but sheesh, this scent was really nice and cool watermelon is a perfect description of what I smelled. The scent on both of these lasted a good while and the scent was strong when applied to my sneakers.


SōlScience knows how to make amazing scents that smell amazing when applied to your sneakers. Thanks to the awesome people at SōlScience for hooking it up with awesome ANTIDŌT scents!! Stay tuned to One on One Testers for more reviews, sneaker news, and other dope sneaker related stuff!

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