The Best Basketball Shoes of 2019

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2019 was a year in the books for the team at One on One Testers. Our website, and company as a whole took a massive step in the right direction, and grew immensely in just 365 days. We’re excited for 2020, but before we even think of the new year, here’s The Best Basketball Shoes of 2019 video for you.

Before you watch the video, please note that we unfortunately did not get the opportunity to wear test every single basketball shoe that released throughout 2019. We did however test out some great performing basketball shoes, that most of you are already likely familiar with. So now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best basketball shoes from this past year.

HUGE news mentioned at the end of the video! We hope you were able to take a listen at something very excited we have coming this month, January 2020. We will be changing the performance review game with new collaborative performance reviews.

A “performance review” is such a subjective topic, and especially for footwear. Generally, a person wear tests a sneaker (for an undisclosed amount of time), and shares their thoughts on the overall performance of the sneaker on feet, from just their ONE perspective. The team at One on One Testers will CHANGE the performance review game as we are now going to be introducing our collaborative performance reviews, where fans, supporters, and sneakerheads of the site can share their opinions and thoughts on each performance aspect of a sneaker, to help bring a general consensus of a shoe that is being reviewed. You may wonder, “Isn’t that what the comment section of a post is for?” Well, theoretically, yes, it is. However, we want our audience to have the FULL opportunity to share their thoughts on the latest shoe releases and their performance after wearing them, so we will let viewers share their thoughts in our performance reviews, instead of the usual “comment section” thoughts from fans.

The game is about to change, and we’re proud to say we’re the ones who will change it. 2019 has been a blast of a year, but 2020 will be even bigger and better. We seriously appreciate those that have supported us since day one, one hundred, and every supporter of the site and our content. Expect to see the first new “performance review” drop THIS MONTH… so stay tuned.


Written by Nick Montesano

Born and raised out of New Jersey. High school Senior, sneaker fanatic, performance guru. Love to share my passion for sneakers of all kinds, and bring you all daily content. Favorite shoe ever: adidas Harden Vol. 3. Favorite player ever: LeBron James.

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