The Jordan Super.Fly MVP Officially Sufaces

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After weeks of speculation for the release date of Jordan Brand’s newest performance basketball model, One on One Testers finally has some more information to share with the internet. Good news! Official images of the Jordan Super.Fly MVP have surfaced, and we have researched some other information alongside the release of these sneakers. Lets get into it.

Tech specification wise, the Jordan Super.Fly MVP will feature a full-length Nike REACT Foam midsole, a ‘high-performance’ upper (textiles/synthetics), which looks to vary with certain colorways, as well as a half length inner bootie tongue to work in tandem with the shoes overall fit/support. Additionally, the Super.Fly MVP’s are looking at a retail price of $155 USD, as per KicksStore. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can grab them over at GOAT, for the usual resell prices.

Since official images have finally come out of Jordan Brand’s upcoming performance basketball model, we should expect a fairly wide release of these coming up; potentially a late Summer/Early Fall release. If you don’t feel like  Make sure to stay tuned to One on One Testers for all your sneaker news and hoops analysis.



All images via: US11.


Additional product information via: Sportsman Warehouse.

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