The Nike PG 2.5 is Coming Up in FOUR New Colorways

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Paul George’s third sneaker in his Nike Basketball lineup just released a few weeks back, the Nike PG 2.5. Essentially, the same thing as the Nike PG 2, the PG 2.5 literally just features a strap. Some speculate the strap might just be for an aesthetic improvement for some sneaker-heads, while some say it might increase performance. In my opinion, I care about the performance for something I rock on the court, and the Nike PG 2 was absolutely phenomenal on court. Click here to check out my Hoops Analysis on the Nike PG 2.

The Nike PG 2.5 has surfaced in a whopping four colorways that will release to the public. Four new colorways have surfaced that currently have no release information, but we’ll keep you covered on that. The Nike PG 2.5 has surfaced in new colorways such as: ‘Blue/White’, ‘Black/White’, ‘Grey/Black’, and ‘White on Black’. Make sure to stay tuned to the One on One Testers Sneaker Bulletin for more on your latest releases.


All images via: US11.

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