The Self Lacing Nike Basketball Sneaker Surfaces

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Whats good One on One Nation? Glad to bring you this super fire leak of a super hyped up shoe! The Nike Adapt BB is a self lacing shoe that is meant for performance basketball. The hype around this shoe is wild, with a new commercial of Nike athletes trying them on and reacting to how they feel. Of course there’s a catch, Nike knows how to get us talking so they didn’t even show the shoe during the commercial and instead just showed everything about the foot of the athlete.

Nike will officially be revealing them around 5 am PST, but this pic is most likely what y’all are looking for. Aside from the hype, these are rumored to be a shocking $350 and is set to release 2/17. Who’s gonna guy into the hype and cop? Expect full details including release date and tech specs when these are officially unveiled tomorrow morning at 5 AM PST.


Nike Adapt Basketball

MSRP: $350.00

Release Dates:

Thursday, February 14th (Charlotte All-Star Weekend)

Sunday, February 17th (

Tuesday, February 19th (Worldwide Release)





h/t: street8oy.

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