The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is Coming Back in Full Effect

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All the way back in 2013, Under Armour released a killer performance basketball shoe, the Anatomix Spawn, which featured UA’s old cushion setup, Micro G. These were one helluva shoe when they first released. For some reason though, UA decided to stop releasing them after quite sometime, despite everyone loving the line. Yeah, we don’t know what’s up with Under Armour on their end.

One on One Testers is yet again giving the net a First Look at Under Armour’s newest iteration of the Anatomix Spawn. We haven’t seen a new model release in this line for what feels like to be four years. That’s a long time, and maybe these new kicks will do Under Armour some justice. Multiple images have surfaced of what appears to be Under Armour re-introducing the Anatomix Spawn into their performance basketball lineup.

Tech specification wise, there’s really not much going on from an initial first impression. We have some nice images of the traction and the outsole looks very aggressive. This is a good sign Under Armour might continue to give us a win in their traction division. Cushion wise, there’s no word. It certainly doesn’t look like these will feature Under Armour’s newest HOVR Foam, as it usually isn’t presented in a performance basketball model like this. We can most likely expect the usual Charged Foam + Micro G setup that Under Armour likes to give us. Nobody’s really big on this setup, and to be totally honest, it’s pretty outdated.

Although no cushioning is labeled on the sneakers, One on One Testers is going to speculate it’s Charged Foam, in tandem with Micro G. But, hopefully UA proves us wrong and gives us something different. Material wise seems a bit outdated as well. Not that their bad materials, it’s just Under Armour can give us something better than this. The upcoming Anatomix Spawn looks to feature a mesh upper that is heavily overlaid by fuse/synthetics all around the shoe. Wish UA could have given us some thread-borne or maybe introduce Ana-foam or Speed-form back into their lineup, just something better than this. Well, that just about takes care of it tech wise, apart from the laces going through the upper.

From a first impression, this leak of the upcoming Under Armour Anatomix Spawn isn’t impressive to One on One Testers. We think UA could have given us something a bit more innovative, but this is all just a first impression, simply. Lets hope UA proves us wrong and these perform killer on court. That just about takes care of it. Make sure to stay hooked to One on One Testers for more of The Sneaker Bulletin.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 6.49.39 PM
Images via: Sneakerhighway23.
Image via: Street8oy.

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