Russell Westbrook Reveals Jordan “Why Not” Zer0.2 Nintendo ‘Game Boy’

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Westbrook has been going all out this season, whether it be hooping like an animal or showcasing some crazy player exclusive colorways of his latest signature shoe. Last time, we saw the ‘Super Soaker’ PE that started a frenzy and had everyone hyped about how dope of a concept the sneaker and the packaging was. Check out the Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.2 Nintendo Game Boy.

Well stay hyped, another PE has leaked and it’s no less flashier than it’s predecessor. This PE pays homage to the Nintendo Game Boy and Jordan really outdid themselves again with the colorway and packaging. The sneaker itself  uses light grey, dark grey, green, black, and red colors to match the Game Boy packaging.

The box is also where the action is occurring, resembling a Game Boy and completing this homage to an iconic gaming system. The screen features the ‘RW’ logo alongside with smaller text on top that says ‘WHY NOT ZER0.2 OWN THE CHAOS’ and ‘Russell Westbrook’ below the screen in Game Boy text.

To finish off this awesome packaging are what seems like actual buttons popping out, a cool feature that really wraps everything up and gives this package a definite Game Boy vibe. As of now these are PEs, but Jordan Brand really has to give us a colorway that comes with crazy packaging, it’s what the fans want.




































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