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Welcome to One on One Testers, made up of four guys, who love the game of basketball. Nick, Noor, Chase, and KJ run OneonOneTesters.com, the newest and realest content put out on the market about performance footwear reviews and sneaker news. We bring you the most comprehensive sneaker performance reviews, product reviews, and sneaker news on the internet.

For an introduction, we just have to say a major thank you to all the fans, followers, and supporters with the big growth into our new brand recently. It’s surreal to see what One on One Testers is becoming and what we will look like in just a few months or a year. We’re more than just wear testers, more than just guys that write performance reviews and sneaker news articles. We are self-owned and run. We are not bought out by any other parent company, such as Complex Ad Network. We also purchase all of our sneakers or are exclusively sent sneakers for the purpose of comprehensive wear testing, and providing feedback to the brand.

One on One Testers is solely original, putting out remarkable content from articles, performance reviews, and podcast episodes to the market. We are not endorsed by brands such as Eastbay or are paid to promote specific, targeted content to our viewers. Our long-term goal is to keep the growth coming and make this into an adequate career to profit off of, as well as enjoy what we do with putting out true, original content to the world. Selling out to larger companies like Complex is a common thing happening in the community. Yeah, we’re not about that style.

Thanks for tuning into the site and always supporting. We’re looking forward to producing quality content for all of the people and will continue the grind. Thank you everyone. Stay tuned to OneonOneTesters.com for all the daily articles on performance reviews, sneaker news, and more.


Written by Nick Montesano

Born and raised out of New Jersey. High school Senior, sneaker fanatic, performance guru. Love to share my passion for sneakers of all kinds, and bring you all daily content. Favorite shoe ever: adidas Harden Vol. 3. Favorite player ever: LeBron James.

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